Cactus in the Snow

…And so the time has come for you to say goodbye to all the things you thought would never go; and so you’re left here standing like a cactus in the snow.  You’ve seen so many things fall down from the sky, but none were near as cold as this; the white blanket before your eyes.  How did this bleak and weary world sneak up from behind?  Or did you see it all along?  You Just wanted to be blind, and so you sewed your eyes shut; lived in the visions of your heart, but then She came and tore the stitches out, and your whole world fell apart.  The blood washed something away and you began to see all that you thought was so wrong; all that was wrong was thee…and as everything around you came tumbling downward so, you struggled to embrace her, when you should have let her go…

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